Questions & Answers 


Q Can other types of cooking oil be used to light the wicks.
A Sunflower oil and olive oil can be used but the wicks may not burn for 10 hours.
Q Can petroleum oil be used to fuel the wicks.
A No never use any type of flammable oil.
Q Can fragrance oils be added to create an aroma.
A Yes a few drops of good quality fragrance oil (non flammable) can be added to the vegetable oil to create a nice aroma.
Q Can the candles be used outdoors.
A Yes keep the flame below the rim of the glass container so the flames are protected from any wind.
Q Can the wicks be used again once they have been extinguished.
A No each wick can only be used once.
Q Are the floats reusable.
A Yes wash them in warm soapy water after each use.
Q Can the candles be used in any glass container.
A Use any glass container which will not overhang the flame (eg; a brandy glass) as this could break the glass.