Magical Floating Candles

Magical Floating Candles are fuelled by cooking oil and provide a soft romantic light; they have many uses and are fun for entertaining at dinner parties.  If the glass container is accidentally knocked over, the flame will immediately be extinguished.

How to use Magical Floating Candles

  1. Use any glass or pottery container and fill in ¾ full with cold water
  2. Add 2 or 3 drops of colouring liquid to colour the water if you wish.
  3. Pour at least 2cm of vegetable oil into the water.
  4. Insert the wicks into the centre of the floats.
  5. Place the floats on the oil.  Wait! It is very important that you allow the oil to completely fill up to grooves till reaches the wick.
  6. Light the wick and enjoy the ambience.

You can also add a few drops of Aromatherapy oil to the cooking oil to create a pleasant aroma.  Each wick should give light for at least 10 hours, provided there is sufficient oil to fuel it.

These candles are great for outside use such as garden parties and barbecues.  Select some jam jars, fill them with the candles in the usual way and place them around the garden to amaze your friends.